Baby Pelham Rubber RS HG
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Baby Pelham Rubber RS HG

The Baby Pelham has slightly shorter shanks, resulting in a reduced leverage effect - simply a milder version of the traditional Pelham bit! This model features a solid steel core with a soft rubber covering all around, including a curb chain.Read more


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  • The Baby Pelham has slightly shorter shanks, resulting in a less severe leverage effect - a milder version of the traditional Pelham bit, plain and simple. This one, from Horse Guard, features a steel core with a soft rubber covering. The rubber covering gives the bit a different feel in the horse's mouth compared to a regular steel bit.

    We recommend Pelham bits for experienced riders with a gentle hand, as it is a sharp bit. It comes with an accompanying curb chain.

    When using any bit with a curb chain, it's important that the curb chain is correctly adjusted, neither too long nor too short. The chain should be tensioned so that the bit cannot move backward more than 45 degrees with a rein pull. It should not be tightened harder than that, as it can lead to chafing and internal injuries, but neither should it be looser, as the chain loses its purpose and the bit becomes too sharp. If you're unsure, we recommend seeking assistance from your trainer or another knowledgeable individual who can show you how it should be fitted.

    Pelham bits can be ridden with double reins, allowing you to control the bit's effect by varying the pressure applied to the shank versus the regular bit ring and adjusting as needed. If you prefer to ride with a single rein, various types of connectors are available to distribute pressure between the regular and lower rings.

    NOTE - the connector is sold separately.

    Stainless steel, rubber

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  • Horse Guard is an incredibly popular brand in the equestrian industry, known for its wide range of horse and stable equipment and very competitive prices. Horse Guard, often referred to as HG, offers everything you might need for your horse and stable. The products are developed based on customer needs, with three main focus areas: an attractive appearance, good ergonomics, and competitive pricing – all of which are clearly evident in each final product.
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