Micklem 2 Multi Bridle Black
Micklem 2 Multi Bridle Black
Micklem 2 Multi Bridle Black
Micklem 2 Multi Bridle Black
Micklem 2 Multi Bridle Black
Micklem 2 Multi Bridle Black in the group Horse Tack / Bridles & Browbands / Bridles at Equinest (SBMXM0BA)


Micklem 2 Multi Bridle Black

The development of Horseware's immensely popular Micklem Multibridle bridle. The model is made of high-quality, organic leather and has been designed with a curved shape and a wider browband - all to make it as comfortable as possible for your horse!Read more


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  • The development of Horseware's incredibly popular Micklem Multi-Bridle - now with even better leather quality and an enhanced design to guarantee the utmost comfort! Unlike the previous model, this bridle features a curved design for the noseband, jaw strap, browband, and headpiece, as well as a wider bit strap, all to make it as comfortable as possible for your horse.

    The concept of Micklem bridles is to prevent pressure on sensitive points on the horse's face, such as the nasal bone or jawbone. The Multi-Bridle has earned its name because this bridle can be used both with a bit and as a bitless option, making it incredibly versatile and useful in a variety of situations.

    Made from high-quality black, organic buffalo leather, with soft padding on the poll, nose ridge, and more.

    Horseware's innovative Bit Clips are a tool that you can easily attach between the bit and the cheekpiece when needed, to keep the bit still and avoid unnecessary pressure on it. Bit Clips are not approved for competition but are a good addition for young horses or riders with unsteady hands.

    • Anatomical fit
    • Does not exert pressure on sensitive facial nerves
    • Curved headpiece, browband, jaw strap, and noseband
    • Wide bit strap
    • Can be used with a bit or bitless
    • Detachable Bit Clips included

    Some clear differences from a regular bridle include the following:

    • The placement of the noseband is higher than on a traditional bridle, which means the horse avoids pressure on the nasal bones, a sensitive point. Additionally, the higher placement of the noseband avoids pressure on nerves in the area, which, under heavy pressure, can cause discomfort for the horse, potentially resulting in mild numbness in the lower part of the head.
    • A widened headpiece with soft padding avoids pressure on the Atlas bone, which has sensitive protrusions.
    • The placement of the bridle's cheekpieces is slightly lower than "normal" to avoid pressure on the protruding jawbones, which is also a sensitive area for many horses.
    • Moreover, these advantages prevent pressure on the cheek teeth where soft tissue inside the mouth can easily develop rubbing and injuries.

    How to fit the Micklem 2 Multi-Bridle

    1. First, attach the bit to the bit straps with the snap facing outward. Then attach them to the cheekpiece. For bitless use, attach the jaw strap as shown in the image here.
    2. Important when fitting a Micklem bridle is to position the noseband a little higher on the nose ridge, ideally about 2–3 cm above the corners of the mouth.
    3. Micklem does not have a traditional jaw strap but instead another strap slightly lower down. This should sit against the skin, not hang loosely like a jaw strap.
    4. Fasten the noseband in front of the bit as usual.
    5. There are two different lengths of bit straps, so you need to determine which one fits your horse's anatomy best, using the images as a guide.

    Organic buffalo leather

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    Size Guide
    Follow this guide to find the optimal fit for the Micklem 2-Bridle.

    SizeHorse Withers Height
    Pony103 cm with large head - 143 cm with small head
    Cob143 cm with large head - 163 cm with small head
    Large Cob143 cm - 163 cm with large head
    Full163 cm with large head - 173 cm with small head
    X-Full168 cm - 178 cm with large head
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