Saddle Pad Fir-Tech with Elastic Bands Black
Saddle Pad Fir-Tech with Elastic Bands Black
Saddle Pad Fir-Tech with Elastic Bands Black
Saddle Pad Fir-Tech with Elastic Bands Black in the group Horse Tack / Saddle Pads / All-Purpose & Jumping Saddle Pads at Equinest (50361Sv_r)


Saddle Pad Fir-Tech with Elastic Bands Black

This saddle pad encourages the horse to step under itself and work from behind to the front, promoting the desired self-carrying posture. It strengthens the horse's back and core muscles, helping it achieve finer movements and better balance.Read more


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  • Through training with the Fir-Tech saddle pad, equipped with elastic bands, you can strengthen your horse's back and core muscles and help it achieve finer movements and better balance.

    The rear band encourages the horse to step under itself and work from behind and forward, creating the desired self-carrying posture. The band around the abdomen stimulates the abdominal muscles. Activated abdominal muscles provide support to lift the front end and utilize the power from behind.

    The saddle pad is padded with Synthermax fiber filling and has a lining with ceramic particles, providing an advanced dual-action effect. Fir-Tech stands for Far Infrared Rays technology, which transforms the horse's body heat into electromagnetic infrared heat waves. These waves are reflected and penetrate tissue up to 4-7 cm beneath the skin, expanding blood vessels, making back muscles more flexible and mobile.

    The elastic bands are attached with large buckles on the saddle pad and can be adjusted in length as needed. They are covered with removable, soft plush to minimize the risk of chafing during training.

    The saddle pad can be used effectively either under the saddle while riding or during lunging and long-lining with a girth.

    Used for horses that:

    • Have back problems
    • Have weak back muscles
    • Have weak hind legs
    • Are asymmetrical
    • Are heavy on the hand
    • Are in training for backing
    • Or any horse you want to work into the correct frame


    • Elastic band around the hindquarters helps the horse step under itself and work from behind and forward
    • Elastic band around the abdomen activates the abdominal muscles, providing support for the back
    • Ceramic particles in the material reuse the horse's body heat to increase blood circulation in the back, making it more flexible
    • Fir-tech also contributes to increased metabolism, reduced muscle tension and swelling, relief of sore muscles and joints, increased oxygen levels in the blood and oxygen supply to the muscles, reduced inflammation in joints, tendons, and ligaments, promoting mobility, and providing warmth to the muscles.


    Through training with the Fir-Tech saddle pad with elastic bands, you provide support for your horse's carriage. The hind legs step under the horse, shifting its center of gravity backward while creating conditions to lift the back and neck. After a period of training, the horse should have gained enough guidance to go into the correct frame - self-carrying and self-motivated.


    • High breathability and moisture-wicking properties
    • Quick-drying
    • Adjustable bands
    • Removable and washable plush
    • All-round and jumping model


    Polyester with ceramic particles
    Filling: Synthermax fiber

    Fir-tech (Far Infrared Rays technology)
    Fir-tech is a high-tech coating that converts body heat into far-infrared rays that are reflected back onto the horse. It has a unique ability to penetrate the body to expand blood vessels and increase blood circulation. It is a completely natural and safe technology based on energy conversion. The technology does not increase the temperature under the saddle pad, and there is no risk of overheating.


    16" - Pony/Cob
    17" - Full

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  • Catago is a Danish family-owned company, both managed and owned by Pernille Lausen and her brother Per Lausen. Pernille comes from a horse-loving family and has been a dressage rider since childhood. Today, she is more involved with Icelandic horses and has a deep passion for nature. She has successfully redeveloped Catago with a modernized profile while maintaining a strong focus on the harmony between rider and horse in the development of products. Her parents, Birgit and Boerge Lausen, founded the family business in 1963.
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