Stable Cleaning All-Purpose 1L
Stable Cleaning All-Purpose 1L in the group Stable & Paddock / Stable Supplies & Yard Equipment / Stable Cleaning at Equinest (1007170-1L)


Stable Cleaning All-Purpose 1L

Safe and gentle stable cleaner for quick and efficient cleaning of, for example, stall walls, water buckets, feed troughs, or horse transport. The product cleans deeply and dissolves dirt, grease, lime, and mold.Read more

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  • Q Stable Allrent is a safe and gentle cleaning agent for quick and effective cleaning in the stable. This product cleans surfaces and objects deeply, dissolving dirt, grease, lime, and mold, leaving a fresh eucalyptus scent.

    The cleaning agent can be easily sprayed onto the surface and then worked in with, for example, a scrubbing brush. The residue can then be wiped off or rinsed away with water.

    Allrent is the perfect cleaning agent to have on hand in the stable and can be used for cleaning, for example:

    • Stall walls
    • Water buckets
    • Feed troughs
    • Horse transport

    It does not have disinfecting properties.


    1. Shake the bottle.
    2. Spray the product on the surface you want to clean and let it work for 5 minutes.
    3. Work the product in well using a sponge, scrubbing brush, or similar.
    4. Wipe off or rinse the surface with water. When cleaning water buckets, feed troughs, and similar items, be sure to thoroughly rinse and wipe off any residue of the product.


    Store in a dry and cool place.


    1 liter

    1.1 kg


    <5% Non-ionic surfactants

    Aqua, Tetrasodium glutamate diacetate, Polyaspartic acid sodium salt, Hexyl D-glucoside, Diglycol ethylhexyl ether, Citric acid, Parfum.


    Allrent is biodegradable.

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  • About the Brand
  • Qloss är ett svenskt företag som grundades i Trelleborg år 1994. De erbjuder produkter under namnet Q Stable som är utformade för att förbättra stallklimatet och främja hälsan hos hästar och ryttare. Deras sortiment inkluderar dammskydd och rengöringsartiklar som bidrar till att förebygga luftvägsproblem och upprätthålla en hög hälsa och prestation för både människor och hästar.
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