Equipage is a well-known brand in the equestrian industry. They offer a wide range of products such as boots, riding shoes, safety vests, riding helmets, and riding clothes, with a timeless and minimalist style that never goes out of fashion. They are popular for their appealing range and competitive prices that attract both hobby riders and competitive riders.
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Equipage's History

Equipage is a Danish brand that was founded in 1959. Their age gives them an advantage in the market through insights and experiences that younger challengers lack. The brand was created with the aim of developing a high-quality range of products with competitive prices. Over the years, this has proven to be a winning idea, as Equipage is now a much-loved and popular brand found in the wardrobes of both hobby riders and competitive riders.

Equipage Riding Clothes and Equipment

The range offers everything for all riders, regardless of gender and age. Both men and children, as well as women, can find both riding clothes and riding equipment in Equipage's product range. The idea behind the products is that they should appeal to a wide range of people in terms of both style and price. Therefore, the appearance is classic, timeless, and minimalist with a modern touch and contemporary, innovative features, and the price is very favorable. The style never goes out of fashion and can be used season after season, while you can also find seasonal items in the range. In Equipage's offering, you can find everything from warm winter riding boots and a complete riding overall to ventilated competition jackets and cool shirts. There are both clothes and equipment for all occasions, so Equipage can be with you everywhere, from heavy stable chores at home to the biggest moments in the competition arena!

Boots and Riding Shoes from Equipage

The most popular segment in Equipage's range is riding boots and shoes. It's perhaps not surprising considering they have a wide range of everything from classic jodhpur boots to lined winter boots, in a variety of designs, a broad size range, and at the best price. Some of the bestsellers in this category are Lugano jodhpur boots and Toscana, both of which are robust stable and riding shoes that are comfortable, durable, and offer good grip. The latter model even comes with steel toes, while the former does not. They are perfect for use as both casual shoes and for riding, paired with a pair of chaps!

Riding Helmet and Safety Vest - Big Favorites

When it comes to riding equipment, there is one thing you should not compromise on, and that is safety! It's likely for that reason that Equipage's safety vests, back protectors, and riding helmets are so popular. They not only provide the highest level of safety, but they also come in a stylish and streamlined design at a very affordable price, making everyone feel both safe and stylish on horseback!

Equipage Back Protector is one of their (and our) absolute bestsellers. It protects your back from impacts but is soft and comfortable to wear, unlike many other protectors that can feel bulky and restrict your movement.

In addition to the back protector, Equipage Grooming Bag is also a real favorite. This spacious grooming bag has a stable construction that retains its shape even when empty, making it easy to access everything you need quickly and easily. It has plenty of convenient compartments for both large bottles and small items like hoof picks and rubber bands, and it's suitable for both hobby riders and professional farriers!

What Does Equipage Mean?

Directly translated from English, "equipage" becomes "ekip age" in Swedish. It's perhaps not surprising that Equipage chose this name, which is so closely related to the equestrian world, both through its actual meaning, referring to a horse with a rider, and often a horse with a carriage. Also, the first syllable of the name, "Equi," in Latin, means horse.

The Sister Brand - for a Unified Style for You and Your Horse

Equipage has a sister brand, and it's called Horse Guard. The brands are produced by the same manufacturer, and the same design team is behind the products. The difference between them is that Equipage's range is aimed at riders, while Horse Guard is aimed at horses. The advantage of this is that you can achieve a unified look for you and your horse, so you can truly be considered a team. You can even complement with stable accessories in the same style and, above all, at the same favorable price. Of course, you can also find Horse Guard with us.

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