Focus on Horse Equipment

Since its inception, Eskadron has prioritized providing excellent equipment for horses. They made a name for themselves early on by entering multiple markets worldwide with their colorful collections of saddle pads, matching leg wraps, blankets, and hoods.

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That part is still relevant today, along with functional and durable leg protection, boots, and dressage protection used by riders at all levels. In recent years, some collections for riders have also started to make their way into the market, something we will see more of in the future!

Durable and Functional Leg Protectors

Eskadron's leg protectors have found a special place in many riders' hearts, and their functional design is excellently combined with high comfort for the horse. They are made in various materials, but most of them have a neoprene lining, which has the great advantage of being both lightweight and easy to clean, and it shapes well to the horse's legs. In addition to more classic leg protectors, there is also a good range of different boots and even youth protectors that, as the name suggests, are made to be approved for youth competitions.

Matching Collections

Matching halters, saddle pads, blankets, and more, available in limited collections, have long been an important part of Eskadron's business idea. The collections that are most popular in Sweden are Classic Sport and, above all, Heritage, which is recognizable for its elegant patterns and classic designs. These are released twice a year with some time in between, and each collection has its unique identity. Everything within each collection matches perfectly, and when it's gone, it's not made again, something many riders appreciate as it allows them to have a unique expression that not everyone else has, unlike many other products.

A New Old Favorite

Eskadron as we know it today began around the early 1990s when Bugatti Fashion took over Pikeur. In connection with this, they merged with Eskadron, which manufactured horse equipment, which is why the two brands are often mentioned together. When Bugatti Fashion began to run both brands, there was a strong focus on developing and staying current through innovation and responsiveness to the needs of riders and horses. Today, these popular products are used by world stars such as Ludger Beerbaum, Marco Kutscher, Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, and many more!
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Cooler Blanket Acrylic Heritage Dark Gray
€118.99 €139.99
Rain Sheet with Neck Navy
Neoprene Boots Dark Brown
Allround Boots White
Headcollar Pin Buckle Brown
Mesh Ear Bonnet Light Grey
€10.20 €33.99
Hood Jewel Heritage Dark Gray
€29.74 €34.99
Tendon Boots Flexisoft Navy
Fly Veil Black
Brushing Boots Mesh Fauxfur Heritage Pink
€46.74 €54.99
Headcollar Pin Buckle Black
Brushing Boots Mesh Fauxfur Heritage Burgundy
€46.74 €54.99
Functional Jacket Liv Deep Berry
€25.50 €84.99
Boots Sheepskin Black
Neoprene Front Leg Boots
Allround Boots Dark Brown
Boots Sheepskin White
Allround Boots Black
Fleece Rug Shetty Fleece Stamp Heritage Pink
€80.74 €94.99
Fleece Blanket Stamp Platinum Pure Light Yellow
From €50.50 From €100.99
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