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Norwegian brand Kingsland has been a global success since its inception in the late 1990s with its stylish riding clothes designed with a Nordic touch. The range caters to both horse and rider, and Kingsland is driven and motivated to create collections tailored for this immense sport that is also a unique lifestyle.

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Jackets, Breeches, and Riding Tights of World-Class Quality

Jackets, often paired with vests, are closely associated with Kingsland, which is not surprising considering that the classic Bomber Jacket has been a staple since the beginning and remains a consistently popular feature in the Classic series, albeit with some updates over the years. In addition to jackets and vests, riding breeches and, more recently, riding tights have also become a major focus. When Lin E. Kingsrød founded the brand, she felt that riding breeches were lagging behind in development and chose to innovate them into the popular, modern, and highly functional riding breeches we see today. This technology has, of course, also transitioned to the latest trend, namely riding tights.

Saddle Pads, Hoods, and More for Your Horse

In addition to the extensive range for riders, there is also a broad and popular assortment for horses, especially in the Classic series, where the recurring navy blue tones on saddle pads, for example, are complemented by edgings in KL colors of white and red. The saddle pads are often matched with hoods, which are quite stylish themselves and go well with most saddle pads in the same color. The selection is tailored for the active rider, and competition blankets, stable blankets, bandages, and saddle pads are also available in standard colors and continually in different collections.

Kingsland Classic – Timeless Collection

Classic is just what it sounds like, Kingsland's most classic products that return year after year and are almost always available to order, unlike the collections that always come in limited editions and cannot be obtained again once they are sold out. What often characterizes the Classic collection is the basic color navy blue, although white and gray are sometimes used, often together with edgings or similar in KL colors like red and white. The classic logo is also embroidered or printed in a tasteful and stylish manner on the products. The Classic collection is an incredibly strong foundation that is easy to "spice up" with seasonal collections to create your own unique KL look or to take a bolder approach. Classic has been around for a long time, will continue to be, and is always relevant in its timeless design that never seems to go out of style.

About Kingsland

The brand Kingsland was founded in 1999 by Lin E. Kingsrød, who is still the product manager at the company as of writing this. Her motivation was that there was a lack of something new and modern for competitive riders like herself. Based on this, the classic bomber jacket, stylish vests, and functional riding breeches that are seen at almost every competition today were created. Kingsland has managed to stay modern, current, and trendy for over 20 years and is now one of the world's largest companies in equestrian fashion.
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Fleece Sweater KLBetsy Beige
€59 €117.99
Number Bib Classic White
Polo Shirt Classic Navy Blue
From €37.52 From €59.95
Knee Socks Classic Navy Blue
Riding Tights Katinka Full Seat Navy 0Blue
From €62.58 From €99.95
Winter Riding Breeches KLKlara 0Knee-Grip Navy
€79.99 €159.99
Fleece Sweater KLSina Rust Red
€34 €67.99
Sweater KLSaffron Navy
€63.49 €126.99
Sweater KLStarla Green
€38 €75.99
Halfter with Fleece KLnikkey Navy
€39.99 €79.99
Dressage Girth PVC HG Black 70
€42.50 €84.99
Shorts KLperry Navy
€18.80 €46.99
Dressage Girth Memory Foam HG Black 75
€42.50 €84.99
Softshell Tailcoat Classic Donatella Black
From €281.82 From €449
Vest Classic Navy Blue
Hoodie Classic Navy Blue
From €75.11 From €99.95
Jacket Classic Navy Blue
Children's Jacket Classic Navy Blue
From €106.43 From €149
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