Uhip is a Swedish brand, primarily known for its innovative coats, jackets, and skirts designed to make life in the stable easier. Their garments are intended to ensure that you do not feel restricted, whether in terms of mobility or cold, allowing you to do what you love most while fully dressed in your outerwear.
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It All Started with Uhip's Skirt

In 2010, Ulrika Falkman, the founder of Uhip, had an idea - a riding skirt that was unique in its kind. The existing range of riding skirts on the market had zippers on the sides, but Ulrika realized that it would be much smarter to place the zippers in the front and back so that the sides of the skirt could hang down and keep frozen thighs warm during the ride. This design was patented shortly thereafter, and production began in the latter half of 2011.

Jacket with Hand Warmers & Long Coat with High Slit - The Follow-up to the Skirt

While working on developing the riding skirt, Uhip also worked simultaneously on a riding jacket designed specifically to protect frozen fingers with foldable hand warmers in the sleeves - something that all of Uhip's appreciated jackets and coats have today. Additionally, they worked on a long riding coat with a high slit at the back, designed to keep you warm whether you were on horseback or in the stands. This coat has since become one of Uhip's bestsellers.

Revolutionary Features and Carefully Chosen Materials

Uhip's clothing is inspired by the outdoor industry, which, at the beginning, was far ahead of the equestrian industry in terms of knowledge, material selection, and techniques. To withstand tough environments and resist both moisture and cold, great emphasis is placed on choosing the right materials and focusing on smart, thoroughly tested features. This is something that is clearly visible in the end product and has contributed to Uhip becoming a favorite among riders not only in Sweden but all over the world. In addition to the clever sleeve cuffs with foldable hand warmers, which many see as a signature of Uhip's jackets and coats, they also have many other smart features. For example, all hoods are helmet-compatible, meaning they are large enough to pull over your helmet when the weather is not at its best.

Uhip - Created by Like-Minded Individuals

Everyone at Uhip, in one way or another, has a foot in the equestrian, dog, or outdoor environment and therefore knows what you as a customer expect in terms of design, functionality, and materials. Many of the garments are actually developed based on the staff's own needs, so when you choose Uhip, you can be sure that your needs are also met. The range is available for both women and men, as well as for children and juniors, and covers all seasons of the year - whether you need a winter jacket or a cooler spring jacket, Uhip is there to keep you comfortable.

How Does Uhip Sizing Work?

Uhip uses standard EUR sizes and is true to size. On each product in our online store, you can use the size guide to find the right fit by comparing your measurements with the garment.

General Care Instructions for Uhip

Uhip's garments should be machine-washed in 30-degree delicate wash, along with similar colors. Be sure to close all zippers and Velcro straps before washing to avoid wear and tear. Use a mild detergent. Do not use fabric softener. The garments should be air-dried and shaken immediately after washing. They should not be tumble-dried. They should also not be ironed, bleached, or dry-cleaned. To ensure what specifically applies to your garment, check the care label sewn into the garment or read the care instructions on the product page.
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