William Leistner

Quality Brushes

William Leistner is a German brand that has been working on developing brushes of the highest quality since the late 1800s. William Leistner's current focus is on fur care, primarily brushes for horses.

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Although many other types of brushes have been produced over the years, it is still the brushes that have made William Leistner a beloved brand in many countries.

Brushes in Natural or Synthetic Materials

In William Leistner's range, there are brushes of various types. You can either choose a brush made of entirely natural materials or one with synthetic bristles. The advantage of natural bristles is that they effectively remove dirt and dust better than a synthetic brush. That said, synthetic brushes are also excellent, and the price tag is definitely a significant advantage there. All brushes from William Leistner have a wooden back, which is durable and comfortable to hold.
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Dandy Brush Beauty in Horsehair
€36.76 €41.99
Dandy Brush PPN-bristle 70mm Purple
Hoof Pick with Brush Hoof King
Dandy Brush PPN-bristle 70mm Red
Dandy Brush in Horsehair Queen Small
Dandy Brush Pik As Horsehair
Dandy Brush Superbrush Blue
€17.97 €20.99
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