Multi-Brush HG Black
Multi-Brush HG Black
Multi-Brush HG Black in the group Grooming & Health Care / Horse Brushes / Curry Combs at Equinest (73100BA)

Horse Guard

Multi-Brush HG Black

Fantastic multi-brush that can be used for grooming the coat as well as hooves, saddle pads, and blankets - and it's unbeatable when it comes to removing dried mud!Read more

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  • Horse Guard's fantastic black multi-brush is an all-around brush suitable for both fur and hooves - a favorite for removing dried mud! In addition to daily grooming, it can also be used during shedding and for cleaning saddle pads and horse blankets. Thanks to its special structure and design, it cleans exceptionally well while providing a massaging effect for the horse. The back can also be conveniently used as a sweat scraper!

    And as if that weren't enough, it's also really easy to clean. All you need to do is tap the side with the bristles on the stable floor a few times to collect all the dirt and hair at the end - and then it's easy to remove it, either with a hoof pick or by hand! To clean the brush thoroughly, you can finish by washing it in the washing machine.

    • Ergonomic design that fits well in the hand
    • Suitable for cleaning both fur and hooves, as well as saddle pads and blankets
    • Works on both dry and wet surfaces
    • 2 in 1 - the back can be used as a sweat scraper
    • Easy to clean
    • Can be washed in the washing machine for hygiene


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  • About the Brand
  • Horse Guard is an incredibly popular brand in the equestrian industry, known for its wide range of horse and stable equipment and very competitive prices. Horse Guard, often referred to as HG, offers everything you might need for your horse and stable. The products are developed based on customer needs, with three main focus areas: an attractive appearance, good ergonomics, and competitive pricing – all of which are clearly evident in each final product.
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