Arnica Liniment Liquid
Arnica Liniment Liquid
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Arnica Liniment Liquid

Pure liniment with a high concentration of arnica extract. Arnica is beneficial for increasing blood circulation, which has excellent effects on the horse's strained legs and muscles. Can be used as a wet warm compress or for massaging to relieve strained muscles.Read more


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  • Deep-acting arnica liniment for the treatment of a horse's swollen and strained legs and muscles. The liniment is especially useful for horses with tense muscles that are often exposed to strains. Used as a wet warm compress on the horse's joints, tendons, and ligaments to increase blood circulation. Also effective to use as a massage to prevent swelling during strenuous training or competition where the horse's muscles will become strained.

    The liniment has a high concentration of arnica extract extracted from the arnica flower. Arnica has been used as a medicinal plant for a long time and has a proven effect on dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow. It has a softening effect and reduces swelling in the horse's joints and muscles.

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    Massage the liniment thoroughly into the affected area, if possible, it may be beneficial to bandage the area. When used as a wet warm compress, mix one part Arnica liniment with two parts water. Dip cotton in the mixture, apply to the affected area, and bandage.

    • Deep-acting
    • Pure arnica extract
    • Relieves tense muscles
    • Increases blood circulation
    • Used as a wet warm compress or massage
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  • For over 35 years, Eclipse Biofarmab has been producing and developing various types of equine supplements, always with the horse in mind. This has made them a market leader in Scandinavia, and they now supply to over 20 countries worldwide. In-depth knowledge, extensive testing, and great precision are the success factors that Eclipse Biofarmab themselves mention as keys to a truly excellent product. This commitment is clearly evident and permeates everything that leaves the factory. Eclipse Biofarmab's promise: "To offer a high-quality range of horse care products and supplements - something we never compromise on!"
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