Tar Oinment 4S 250ml
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Fyra Ess

Tar Oinment 4S 250ml

Incredibly well-proven, softening tar ointment that, besides its distinct scent that undoubtedly keeps all summer nuisances at bay, effectively treats conditions such as mud fever, chafing, and other skin irritations, as well as dry hooves and minor wounds - simply a must-have in every stable pharmacy!Read more

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  • Fyra Ess Hästsalva, or Skillingarydssalvan as it's also known, is an incredibly well-proven, softening, and cleansing tar ointment that effectively addresses various areas, which undoubtedly contributes to its becoming an absolute must-have in most stable pharmacies.

    4S can be used as a general, rich skin ointment, for example, for cracks, calluses, and dry skin cracks, but it also works well as a fetlock ointment, in conjunction with mud fever and other skin irritations, or as a wound ointment for minor injuries. Additionally, the special ointment can be applied to vulnerable areas to prevent scratches, chafing, and unnecessary friction, or alternatively used as a moisturizing hoof ointment if your horse has dry hooves.

    During grazing periods, the ointment can also be gently applied around the eyes and udders to keep summer nuisances at bay. The distinct scent has a deterrent effect - and it lasts for a really long time too!

    • Rich and softening universal ointment
    • Effective protection for cracks and minor wounds
    • Prevents scratches, chafing, and unnecessary friction
    • Suitable in conjunction with mud fever and other skin irritations
    • Works well as a hoof ointment
    • Distinct scent that keeps all summer's irritating nuisances at bay


    Apply a thin layer to the affected area. Be extra careful around the horse's eyes and nose.

    Remember that
    A new product should always be applied to a small area first to test if the horse is sensitive to any ingredients in the product. We recommend doing this at least 24 hours before full use.

    If irritation occurs, treatment should be avoided. Any resulting irritation is temporary.

    Volume & Weight
    250ml, 210g

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