Full Cheek Bit Double Jointed HG
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Horse Guard

Full Cheek Bit Double Jointed HG

Double Jointed Fullcheek bit from Horse Guard - cheek pieces are often recommended for horses with sensitive mouths or horses that tend to fall out to the sides when approaching a jump.Read more


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  • Double Jointed Full Cheek Bit from Horse Guard, made of stainless steel.

    The bit has cheekpieces on both sides of the mouthpiece; with a leading rein aid, these create pressure on the side of the horse's mouth, providing clearer signals to the horse and making it easier to turn - while the cheekpieces prevent the bit from being pulled into the horse's mouth.

    Full Cheek Bit, or a bit with cheekpieces, is usually recommended for horses with a sensitive mouth, horses that create an unstable contact with the rider by playing with the bit, or horses that tend to drift sideways when approaching an obstacle. It's also an excellent bit for transitioning to bitless riding if you want to teach the horse to respond to a sidepull, as the cheekpieces provide a similar effect with pressure on the side of the mouth rather than inside the mouth.

    Stainless Steel

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  • Horse Guard is an incredibly popular brand in the equestrian industry, known for its wide range of horse and stable equipment and very competitive prices. Horse Guard, often referred to as HG, offers everything you might need for your horse and stable. The products are developed based on customer needs, with three main focus areas: an attractive appearance, good ergonomics, and competitive pricing – all of which are clearly evident in each final product.
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