Bit with Tongue Freedom
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Bit with Tongue Freedom

Popular snaffle bit for sensitive mouths with tongue freedom and bit discs to prevent pinching. One of the most widely used bits in the Beris range.Read more


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  • Bridle bit from popular Beris with loose rings and bit discs. This model is designed to provide good tongue freedom, which is perfect for horses with sensitive tongues, something that often manifests itself in them shaking their heads, lowering their heads, or putting their tongue over the bit. This bit is made of soft, comfortable rubber, which provides high comfort for the horse.

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  • Bits from Beris are, as they describe it themselves, "Genuine craftsmanship, made in Germany." For Beris, it has always been a priority to protect the horse's sensitive mouth in all aspects, from the mouthpiece to the bit rings, where all parts are welded and meticulously polished to perfection. The design of the bit is developed to enhance communication with the horse and provide greater acceptance, something that is particularly suitable for sensitive mouths. The mouthpiece is available in various hardness levels and with different degrees of tongue freedom to suit different horses and riders.
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