Double Jointed Bit Loose Rings 18mm
Double Jointed Bit Loose Rings 18mm in the group Horse Tack / Bits at Equinest (2422)


Double Jointed Bit Loose Rings 18mm

Double Jointed bit from Stübben with sweet iron mouthpiece that becomes sweet in the horse's mouth, improves saliva production, and leads to better acceptance.Read more


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  • A double-jointed bit from Stübben with a sweet iron mouthpiece.

    Advantages of SWEET Iron
    • Better acceptance
    • Pleasant sweet taste of the middle piece


    Advantages of a double-joint bit

    • No pressure on the palate
    • Balanced weight distribution on the tongue and jaw
    • More forgiving of mistakes caused by a rider's strong hand.


    Advantages of loose rings

    • Thanks to the free movement of the rings, the horse can easily adjust the position of the bit in its mouth. This allows the horse to relax in the mouth and chew on the bit, encouraging better acceptance of the bit.
    • When you take up the reins, the rings move so that the bit automatically positions correctly
    • Perfect bit to use for young horses.


    Product Information

    Ring Diameter: 70 mm

    Thickness: 18 mm

    Material: 90% copper, 7% iron aluminum (Nickel-free)

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  • About the Brand
  • Stübben is one of the most classic equestrian brands in the world, with a history dating back to its founding in 1894 by Johannes Stübben. It remains a family-owned business to this day, with a rich heritage deeply rooted in the equestrian world and its evolution. Saddles, accessories, and notably bits, led by the Golden Wings series, are what primarily define this classic German quality brand in the present day.
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