Rubber Boots Soft Top Black
Rubber Boots Soft Top Black in the group Horse Tack / Leg Protection / Bell Boots at Equinest (SH13501BA)


Rubber Boots Soft Top Black

Robust rubber boots that not only reduce the risk of losing shoes in muddy terrain but have also been developed with a shock-absorbing and dirt-repellent neoprene edge - a material that prevents chafing without the risk of dirt and mud getting stuck.Read more


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  • Arma's black, sturdy boots are made of highly durable rubber and are used to reduce the risk of both overreaching and pulled shoes. What makes this model unique is the soft and shock-absorbing Soft Top lining at the fetlock. The lining works in the same way as a faux fur edge, providing protection against impacts while preventing chafing. However, the high-quality neoprene material is also dirt-repellent and incredibly easy to maintain.

    In other words, these are an excellent option for those with horses prone to chafing but who sometimes encounter mud and dirt sticking to faux fur edges.

    The boots are held in place with robust Velcro straps.

    • Reduces the risk of overreaching and pulled shoes
    • Shock-absorbing edge in dirt-repellent neoprene
    • Highly durable rubber
    • Sturdy Velcro closures

    Rubber, neoprene

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    Size Guide
    The measurements in the table refer to the height of the boots, measured at the tallest point, and the circumference of the boots, measured at the bottom, at the widest point. See image below.

    SizeHeigth (A)
    Circumference (B)
    Pony (S)8,5 cm41 cm
    Cob (M)9 cm42 cm
    Full (L)9,5 cm44 cm
    X-Full (XL)10 cm46 cm

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