Tendon Boots Carbon Gel Absolute Brown
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Tendon Boots Carbon Gel Absolute Brown

Carbon Gel Absolute Front Boots in brown offer the best possible fit, innovative heat dissipation, provide extremely effective protection, and are incredibly comfortable and flexible.Read more


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  • Information
  • The Carbon Gel Absolute front protection in this brown model is a new project with a fresh design, improved fit, and a new shell. They are made of Bayer Polyurethane, which is resistant, flexible, and unaffected by temperature changes. The leg protectors have a perfect anatomical fit that neither creates any uncomfortable pressure on the horse nor restricts the horse's movements.

    Double Injection System
    The insert has a high density that is five times stronger than the shell, whose density is low. These two components of the leg protector are combined into a single part, without any glue or seams. This results in extremely protective and flexible leg protectors.

    Extreme Protection
    An extension of Carbon Gel in an innovative Y-shape from the tendon, down over the fetlock, provides excellent protection.

    Double Ventilation
    The heat from the horse's legs passes through a microperforated neoprene layer and is distributed through the articulated 3D mesh material, providing ventilation throughout the protector.

    Tested and Approved by Ricotest
    Ricotest is the first Italian research, testing, and CE certification institute for shoes, gloves, clothing, shock protection, and other personal protective equipment for work, sports, and leisure. Ricotest laboratories conduct mechanical and chemical tests on a wide range of products to ensure compliance with applicable standards.

    Veredus is the only leg protector manufacturer in the equestrian sport that certifies its products with Ricotest. Veredus Carbon Gel Absolute has undergone impact and abrasion tests that guarantee their protective and safety features.

    • Optimal, anatomical fit
    • Innovative ventilation that dissipates heat
    • Gel that absorbs shocks and impacts on the tendon and fetlock
    • Extremely impact-resistant yet flexible and comfortable for the horse
    • Certified by Ricotest
    • Sporty appearance that can be matched with hind protectors in the same design
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    Size Guide
    Use a soft measuring tape to measure the circumference of your horse's legs. Measurements are taken as shown in the image below, in the middle of the shinbone.

    SizeFront Leg (cm)
    Back Leg (cm)
    Small17-19 cm19.5-21.5 cm
    Medium19.5-22 cm22-24 cm
    Large22.5-24 cm24.5-26 cm

  • About the Brand
  • The foundation of Veredus' success largely lies in meticulous attention to raw materials, the use of the latest and most advanced techniques, and an almost compulsive focus on every little detail. All of this has made Veredus a market leader in the field of leg protection. Every product undergoes a thorough testing phase before being approved, ensuring that riders can be confident that each piece of protection leaving the Veredus factory has been rigorously tested to function optimally with minimal impact on the horse.
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