Web Reins 16mm LCC Brown
Web Reins 16mm LCC Brown
Web Reins 16mm LCC Brown in the group Horse Tack / Reins / Webbed Reins at Equinest (0523CE26733002_B_r)


Web Reins 16mm LCC Brown

Woven reins with a width of 16mm (5/8") from Dyons La Cense collection.Read more


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  • 16mm (5/8") wide ribbed rein from Dyon's La Cense collection. Stylish rein made of full-grain leather, dyed with entirely natural dyes. Comes with martingale stopper featuring the La Cense collection logo, as well as silver-colored buckles.

    • 16mm (5/8") wide
    • Silver buckles
    • La Cense logo on martingale stopper
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  • About the Brand
  • In Spring 2021, Dyon launched a new and refreshed range, where the various collections were better tailored to accommodate as many riders and horses as possible. Since its inception in 1989, Dyon has been at the forefront of innovation and constantly adapting equipment to suit the horse, rather than the other way around. Below is a brief description of what sets the different collections apart, making it easier for you as a rider to navigate through the fantastic range that Dyon offers. It's worth noting that all products in the same collection always match; for example, a bridle in the New English Collection will match all other equipment in that collection.

    At Equinest, you can see in the product name which collection the product belongs to: NE = New English, DC = Dyon Collection, WC = Working Collection, and LCC = La Cence Collection.

    Working Collection (WC)
    Incredibly popular collection for both competition and daily work. Made from top-class buffalo leather, naturally colored, anatomically designed, and with silver buckles.

    Dyon Collection (DC)
    The hallmark of this collection is its beauty and elegance, with all items featuring cream-colored stitching and decorations, as well as brass buckles. All models are also available in NE.

    New English Collection (NE)
    This collection is also characterized by sleek elegance and high-quality leather. Same models as in DC, but here with silver buckles and tone-on-tone stitching with the leather.

    La Cence Collection (LC)
    Specially designed for training and the horse's general well-being. Sleek and focused on the horse's anatomy, with silver buckles and often details in rope that give the collection its unique and lively expression.

    A small and popular range that includes practical equipment in the stable and at competitions. Easy to carry and set up in the competition box to simplify the rider's everyday life.

    For riders, there are simple and functional clothing options, as well as the extremely popular Minichaps for both adults and children. Dyon chaps (excluding the children's model) come with a lifetime guarantee on buttons and zippers."
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