Fence Energizer Pro+ N3200
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Fence Energizer Pro+ N3200

Electric fence energizer from Swedguard equipped with low-energy technology. This energizer is suitable for smaller enclosures.Read more

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  • Power unit from Swedguard equipped with low energy technology. This unit is suitable for smaller enclosures.
    The use of the technology known as "low impedance" ensures that the fence remains effective even in case of losses (e.g., due to grass touching the wires or damaged insulators).

    This unit complies with international safety standards and is approved by the Department of Agriculture.
    Model N3200 is recommended for easily manageable/d trained animals.

    Recommended fence length:
    Sparse vegetation: 18 km
    Normal vegetation: 6 km
    Heavy vegetation: 2.5 km

    Technical information:
    Output energy: 2J
    Stored/charged energy: 3.2J
    Voltage at 500Ω: 5000V
    Power source: Mains
    Operating voltage: 230V

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  • The steadily growing fencing brand Swedguard has become a favorite among many property owners, offering a wide range of products that include everything needed to fence pastures and enclosures in the best possible way.
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