Devil's Claw Powder 600g
Devil's Claw Powder 600g
Devil's Claw Powder 600g in the group Supplements / Horse Supplements / Joints at Equinest (0545-600G)

Eclipse Biofarmab

Devil's Claw Powder 600g

Djävulsklo används för att minska stelhet, lindra smärta och främja rörlighet hos äldre hästar. Den kan också ges till yngre hästar som upplever liknande problem av olika orsaker.Read more

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  • 100% pure, high-quality ground devil's claw. Certified cultivation.

    Devil's claw is used to reduce stiffness, alleviate pain, and stimulate mobility in older horses. It can also be given to younger horses experiencing similar issues for different reasons.

    Devil's claw primarily grows in South Africa and Namibia. This African herb belongs to the sesame family, and its dried fruit resembles a claw. In recent years, the trade in devil's claw has increased as awareness of its beneficial properties has become more widely known. Traditionally, the herb has been used by people for millennia, with the dried root parts used as a decoction to alleviate various ailments such as joint pain and discomfort.

    When you purchase devil's claw from the Eclipse Biopharma brand, you can be assured that you are dealing with certified growers and that the product is 100% pure, ground from the highest-quality devil's claw root.

    Administered both for existing stiffness issues and as a preventative measure to reduce stiffness and stimulate mobility in older horses. Good results are achieved after 2-4 weeks of use.

    Dosage: 1-2 scoops per day (10-30g), for more information, refer to the packaging.

    Composition of Devil's Claw
    100% devil's claw root (Harpagophytum procumbens).
    Analytical constituents
    Crude protein 4.5%
    Crude fat and oil 0.6%
    Crude ash 4.5%
    Crude fiber 6.0%
    Sodium <0.1%

    14 days competition withdrawal period
    Devil's claw should not be given to pregnant mares as it can stimulate the uterus and should also not be given if the horse has gastric ulcers.

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  • For over 35 years, Eclipse Biofarmab has been producing and developing various types of equine supplements, always with the horse in mind. This has made them a market leader in Scandinavia, and they now supply to over 20 countries worldwide. In-depth knowledge, extensive testing, and great precision are the success factors that Eclipse Biofarmab themselves mention as keys to a truly excellent product. This commitment is clearly evident and permeates everything that leaves the factory. Eclipse Biofarmab's promise: "To offer a high-quality range of horse care products and supplements - something we never compromise on!"
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