Kick Up 1L
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Kick Up 1L

Make your tired horse lively, perfect for maintaining energy levels during intense training periods, or supporting the body during the recovery period.Read more

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  • Cavalor Kick Up makes the tired horse lively, perfect for maintaining energy levels during intense training periods, or supporting the body during the recovery period.

    It is not uncommon for a horse to feel sluggish and lethargic during a certain period without a clear reason, which can affect both performance and the horse's overall appearance. In such cases, the horse may need a nutritional boost for various reasons, and this is where Cavalor Kick Up comes in, as the components in the supplement help the horse regain vitality.

    Cavalor Kick Up contains rapidly absorbable vitamins, minerals, aromatic plant extracts, and amino acids, substances that give the physiological processes in the horse's body a real boost. The result is quickly noticeable, as the horse appears revitalized and positively impacts performance.

    Generally, Kick Up is given twice a week during periods when there is a need for nutritional recovery and convalescence. During periods of high demand, such as intense competition periods, it can be given daily. Sprinkle it over the feed and continue until recovery is achieved, which typically takes 7-10 days.

    Horse & pony in light training/recovery: 25 ml/day
    Competition horses: 50 ml/day

    Questions & Answers about Cavalor Kick Up

    Which horses is Kick Up suitable for?
    Kick Up is designed for horses with lower blood pressure or horses that feel a bit low and may need help to "pick up." In other words, it's for horses that feel sluggish and lethargic during a period and may need assistance to get back on track.

    How does Kick Up work?
    Kick Up affects the horse's metabolism in a way that improves both performance and responsiveness, or "alertness," as it can also be expressed. The results are usually noticeable after 1-2 days.

    Can I replace it with Cavalor An Energy Boost?
    This is a common question, but they are fundamentally different, so it's not possible to replace one with the other and expect similar results. Instead, we recommend combining both supplements when you need a more intensive effect, or choose the one that best suits your horse's needs.


    Kick Up Composition
    Additives (per liter)
    Selenium E8 10 mg
    Analytical constituents
    Ash 0.5%
    Crude protein 8%
    Crude fat 3%
    Fiber 0.1%
    Moisture 79%
    Sodium <0.5%
    Lysine 4%
    Article nr:
  • About the Brand
  • Since its inception in 1989, Cavalor has been crafting various types of horse feed and supplements, centered around the needs of modern sport horses. The product range includes both preventive and therapeutic supplements, all sharing a common hallmark: the quality of the product is maintained at every stage of production until it reaches you as the customer.
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