Trust Equestrian is a brand that has become increasingly visible in the market in recent years, primarily for its bits, and it's not surprising. The fantastic bits produced by Trust have become popular among both riders and horses. Inno Sense bits are excellent for more sensitive horses.
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as they are very gentle on the horse's mouth and provide a soft experience for the horse. Leather bits encourage salivation production in the horse, and many horses relax well with this type of bit. Finally, Sweet Iron bits have sections that rust and become very sweet, something that increases salivation production and acceptance.

Trust Inno Sense - Flexi Soft, Mullen, Port

Trust's Inno Sense series is their popular range of rubber bits designed to work well for horses with more sensitive mouths. They come in three variants: Flexi Soft, Mullen, and Port. Flexi Soft bits are the softest, featuring a flexible metal core in the middle, preventing it from breaking if the horse bites through it. All Flexi Soft bits have the same flexible and soft mouthpiece. The second model is the Mullen, where you can choose between Hard or Soft rubber. The difference is that Mullen bits have an iron core and are, in other words, completely rigid, with a mouthpiece resembling a classic straight stainless steel bit, but with the advantages of a rubber bit. Just like Flexi Soft, the core in Mullen bits prevents the horse from biting through. Lastly, there's the Port, which is the only bit in the Inno Sense series without a core, consisting of hard rubber throughout. You can adjust the hardness slightly by choosing either Hard or Medium, but there is no Soft option, as a core is required for that. Port bits all have a raised area to provide tongue relief, which many horses find comfortable. Regardless of which of these three models you choose, all are designed for sensitive horses. Whether it's Flexi Soft, Mullen, or Port that suits your horse depends on its individual needs.
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