Sweet Iron eggbutt cherry roller
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Sweet Iron eggbutt cherry roller

Single Jointed eggbutt bit with sweet iron cherry rollers that provide the horse with something to play with, preventing it from getting stuck in the bit. Suitable for horses that are hard in the mouth, tend to grab the bit, or have difficulty concentrating.Read more


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  • The eggbutt snaffle bit features fixed cheekpieces that minimize the risk of pinching at the corners of the horse's mouth. The design of the rings also provides a more stable feel on the outside of the horse's mouth and prevents the bit from being pulled through the mouth. This specific eggbutt snaffle from Trust has slightly smaller rings, making the bit slightly sharper and suitable for a stronger horse. Larger rings distribute pressure over a larger area, while smaller rings concentrate pressure over a smaller area, creating more pressure.

    Additionally, this bit features cherry rollers that give the horse something to play with and help prevent the horse from getting stuck on the bit. They increase tongue activity, saliva production, and relax the jaws, making it suitable for horses that are heavy on the bit, tend to grab the bit, or have difficulty concentrating.

    The rollers are made of iron, which develops surface rust when in contact with moisture, imparting a sweet taste and naturally stimulating the horse's saliva production. This causes the horse to foam more, improving acceptance of the bit. The process of the rollers rusting changes the blue color to a brown-grey hue, which is entirely normal.
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