Heated Vest Etna Black
Heated Vest Etna Black
Heated Vest Etna Black
Heated Vest Etna Black
Heated Vest Etna Black
Heated Vest Etna Black
Heated Vest Etna Black
Heated Vest Etna Black
Heated Vest Etna Black
Heated Vest Etna Black
Heated Vest Etna Black in the group Equestrian Clothing / Heated Clothing at Equinest (16569000BA)

Back on Track

Heated Vest Etna Black

Black, lightly padded, and electrically heated vest that generates instant warmth with a simple button press - simply a must-have for those who are a bit more chilly or for those who have grown tired of sitting in the cold on the riding arena stands!Read more


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  • Black, lightly padded, and electrically heated vest from Back on Track, which generates instant warmth with a simple push of a button - simply a must-have for those who tend to get a little extra chilly or for those who have simply had enough of sitting and freezing on the riding arena stands. Also ideal to wear between riding sessions to keep warm.

    The tailored, hip-length fit, along with the elastic stretch panels on the sides, makes the garment very comfortable to wear and ideal to use both on its own and under a thicker jacket.

    The integrated electrical heating system is powered by an optional portable power bank. The settings allow you to choose or switch between three heat levels - low (45°C), medium (50°C), or high (55°C). The power bank is placed in a convenient small zippered pocket and must be connected for the heating system to work. Power bank not included.

    The vest, which fastens with a two-way zipper in the front, is fully lined with Welltex® technology, providing an additional warming feature - the material reflects infrared energy, both from your own body heat and from the heat generated by the electric heating system.

    • Fully lined with Welltex® technology, which in turn allows the vest to reflect infrared energy
    • Electric heating system with three different heat levels
    • Rapid heating
    • Lightweight
    • Stretch panels for optimal mobility
    • Slim fit
    • Two-way zipper
    • Pockets with zippers

    Size & Fit
    The product runs large, allowing you to wear a thicker sweater underneath. However, if you want to wear it over only a thin layer of clothing and close to the body, go down a size.

    Technical Specification

    • 5V/7.4V
    • Three temperature levels - low (45°C), medium (50°C), or high (55°C)
    • Powered by any 5V USB A power bank / 7.4V battery. Power bank not included.

    1. Connect USB A / DC power bank
    2. Press and hold the LED control for three seconds to turn on the system.
    3. Press the LED control for 1 second to switch between settings (High/Medium/Low).

    • Red LED light: Highest heat (55°C)
    • White LED light: Medium (50°C)
    • Blue LED light: Lowest heat (45°C)

    To turn off, press and hold the LED control until the light goes out.

    Welltex® technology's unique composition of natural minerals captures body heat and converts it into long-wave infrared energy, which is then reflected back to the skin, joints, and muscles. Infrared energy is known for its ability to promote blood circulation and can be helpful in recovery from injuries, strains, inflammations, or tense muscles.

    Getting Started with Back on Track
    Back on Track products with Welltex technology should be introduced gradually to acclimate the body to the effect. The recommendation is a maximum of 4 hours per day during the first 2-3 days, gradually increasing usage time by one hour at a time. After the introduction period, the products should be used for at least 8 hours per day, preferably longer. It may take up to 10-20 days of use before maximum results are achieved.

    However, if you find that the effect begins to diminish, it may be beneficial to take a break from the product. After the neutralization period, you can reintroduce the product.

    The products are best used in direct contact with the skin but are also effective with a thin layer of fabric underneath. They can be used during both rest and activity, but the best effect is achieved during activity, due to higher body temperature and thus stronger heat reflection.

    Use in conjunction with liniment or similar products at your discretion, as the effect may be enhanced with simultaneous use.

    Please Note
    Increased blood circulation, in some cases, can have a stimulating or sore effect. The reaction is entirely individual, and everyone experiences the effect differently, so it's good to be aware of this and take appropriate action if needed.

    The initial reaction can occur after just an hour of use. If you experience discomfort, do not use the product further on the same day. Instead, try to introduce the product more gradually over the following days.

    Use the product only as instructed and consult a doctor if symptoms persist. If you are undergoing medical treatment, consult your doctor if you are unsure how the product affects your treatment.

    Do not use during pregnancy.

    Care Instructions
    The product should be kept clean for maximum effectiveness. The minerals that provide the effect are woven into the material and cannot be washed or worn away. Always follow the washing instructions on the product label.

    • Hand wash only, 30°C
    • Air dry
    • No bleach
    • No fabric softener
    • No dry cleaning
    • Do not tumble dry
    • Do not wring out the garment
    • Do not iron

    Outer fabric of polyamide, side panels 95% polyester and 5% elastane. Inner lining, with Welltex®, of polypropylene.

    Lining and padding made of polyester.

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    Size Guide

    Top Size32-3434-3638-4042-4446-4850-52
    A - Chest Ø (cm)74-8278-8686-9494-102102-112112-124
    B - Waist (cm)58-6662-7070-7878-8686-9090-102
    C - Hip Ø (cm)82-9086-9494-102102-110110-120120-132

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