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Back on Track Riding Helmets

Back on Track has developed a range of riding helmets that have gained attention for their excellent safety features. The acclaimed MIPS technology, MIPS Brain Protection System, is a rotational system that provides significantly increased protection against brain injuries.

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The system mimics the human body's own safety mechanism, which means that when the head is subjected to an angled impact, the brain can move within the cerebrospinal fluid, reducing the force applied to the brain. You can identify the MIPS system in a helmet by the yellow, movable shell inside the helmet. Here you'll find Back on Track's latest collection of riding helmets, EQ3, all equipped with MIPS.

Back on Track for Horses and Riders

Back on Track is well-known for its ceramic textile, called Welltex, which increases blood circulation by reflecting the body's own heat. Increased blood circulation has positive effects, including enhanced recovery and soothing warmth. Back on Track offers a wide range of products for both horses, humans, and dogs, and they are highly regarded for their beneficial properties. Founded in Sweden, Back on Track has been around for over 20 years, so their products are well-developed and tested. Their products are highly praised for their excellent qualities, and the company now has retailers spread around the world.

Back on Track - How Does It Work?

Back on Track products are renowned for their unique heat-reflecting properties, but how does it actually work? Well, the special Welltex fabric contains embedded ceramic threads, which means that ceramics are melted into synthetic threads in the fabric. The ceramics contain metal oxides that reflect body heat in a way that stimulates blood flow and cellular activity in the body. When the ceramic particles are heated by the body's own heat, they, in turn, emit heat back toward the body. This heat increases blood circulation through the body's tissues and helps alleviate muscle tension and relieve pain. Since the material requires the body's own heat to reflect heat, the effect is enhanced during movement when the body generates more heat, but of course, the products can also be used at rest. The great thing about these products is that since they are available for humans as well, we can try them and feel the effects for ourselves. If you have chronic pain, Back on Track can be a very useful aid.

Can the "Back on Track Effect" Be Washed Out?

The ceramic material containing metal oxides is melted into the fabric's threads and cannot be worn away. The products should always be kept clean for maximum effect and can be washed many times without a loss of efficacy. Use a gentle detergent, avoid bleach or fabric softeners.
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