Brushing Boots Airflow Black
Brushing Boots Airflow Black
Brushing Boots Airflow Black
Brushing Boots Airflow Black
Brushing Boots Airflow Black
Brushing Boots Airflow Black
Brushing Boots Airflow Black
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Back on Track

Brushing Boots Airflow Black

High-quality leg protectors with excellent breathability, shock absorption, and pressure relief capabilities, providing sensitive horse legs with good support and effective protection against various types of impacts and strikes.Read more


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    Back on Track's high-quality Airflow Brush dressage pads, made from moldable and breathable 3D-Mesh, not only offer excellent breathability but also provide good shock absorption and pressure relief. This, in turn, supports and protects the horse's legs effectively against various types of shocks and impacts. Designed with reinforcements in artificial leather and secured in place with strong, reinforced Velcro straps.

    Additionally, these black protectors are lined with Welltex® technology, providing your horse with the best conditions for performance and recovery. The technology stimulates blood circulation and offers effective support for tendons and joints.

    The model is designed to fit both front and hind legs. For hind legs, we recommend choosing one size larger than for the front legs, for example, size M for front and size L for hind.

    Sold in pairs.

    • Welltex® technology, which can help alleviate issues such as inflammation, swellings, and edema
    • 3D-Mesh
    • Good breathability
    • Sturdy, reinforced Velcro straps
    • Detailed with PU leather
    • Fits both front and hind legs

    Welltex® technology's unique blend of natural minerals captures body heat and converts it into long-wave infrared energy, which is then reflected back to the skin, joints, and muscles. Infrared energy is known for its ability to promote blood circulation, making it helpful for recovery from injuries, strains, inflammations, or tense muscles.

    Start using Back on Track
    Back on Track products with Welltex technology should be introduced gradually to acclimate the body to the effect. The recommendation is a maximum of 4 hours per day during the first 2-3 days, then gradually increase the usage time by one hour at a time. After the introductory period, the products should be used for at least 8 hours per day, preferably longer. It may take up to 10-20 days of use before maximum results are achieved.

    If you experience a decrease in effectiveness, it may be beneficial to take a break from the product. After the neutralization period, you can start using the product again.

    The products are best used directly against the skin but also work with a thin layer of fabric underneath. They can be used during both rest and activity, but the best effect is achieved during activity due to higher body temperature and increased heat reflection.

    Use in conjunction with liniment or similar products with your own judgment

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    Size Guide
    This size guide is a directional tool towards finding the right size. Please note that each horse is unique, and it's best to try the boots to discover the optimal fit.

    To follow the size guide, ensure your horse stands relaxed on all fours. Then measure the circumference around your horse's leg, at the middle of the cannon bone, and the height of the cannon bone, as depicted in the image below.

    A refers to the circumference of the cannon bone, and B refers to the height of the cannon bone.

    S17-21 cm23.5 cm
    M20-24 cm25.5 cm
    L23-27 cm27.5 cm
    XL26-30 cm30 cm

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