EQ3 Lynx Smooth Top Riding Helmet Black
EQ3 Lynx Smooth Top Riding Helmet Black
EQ3 Lynx Smooth Top Riding Helmet Black
EQ3 Lynx Smooth Top Riding Helmet Black
EQ3 Lynx Smooth Top Riding Helmet Black
EQ3 Lynx Smooth Top Riding Helmet Black
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Back on Track

EQ3 Lynx Smooth Top Riding Helmet Black

Award-winning EQ3 Lynx riding helmet in stylish black matte finish. Equipped with the MIPS Brain Protection System to protect the rider in case of a fall.Read more


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  • Information
  • EQ3 Lynx Riding Helmet from Back On Track, winner of Folksam's major helmet test in 2018!

    Equipped with the MIPS Brain Protection System, providing significantly higher safety against brain injuries in rotational falls compared to a helmet lacking this feature. A comfortable riding helmet with a clever and smooth adjustment function at the back, allowing each size to be customized to an exact head measurement that might otherwise be difficult to match.

    Ventilation holes and an inner lining made of Coolmax material that breathes and wicks away moisture offer a pleasant feeling during every ride. The liner is also easy to remove and wash with lukewarm water.

    When you purchase a Lynx riding helmet, the Lynx Original helmet liner is included.

    • MIPS safety system
    • Flexible size adjustment
    • Good ventilation in the front and rear
    • Removable liner in moisture-wicking material

    If the above features weren't enough, the riding helmet is also equipped with MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System). MIPS is a low-friction layer that sits under the lining inside the helmet, designed to allow the head to move 10-15 mm in relation to the helmet in all directions in the event of oblique impacts, with the aim of reducing the rotational movement the head experiences in a fall where the head hits. This reduces the risk of concussion or other brain injuries.

    Safety Standard
    Complies with safety standards CE VG1 01.040 2014-12 and EN1384.2017, making it approved for riding in all disciplines.

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  • About the Brand
  • Over the years, Back On Track has made a growing name for itself in the equestrian world and offers products that are beloved by both horses and dogs, as well as riders and people in general. Back On Track was founded in Sweden over 20 years ago and is renowned for its Welltex material, a ceramic textile that reflects body heat and increases blood circulation, which can alleviate pain and help relax muscle tension. They have also garnered particular attention for their MIPS helmets that protect against rotational falls in a way a regular helmet does not. The EQ models have won several tests and have been named the safest helmet on the market on multiple occasions.
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