Riding Helmet Smoke Goggles
Riding Helmet Smoke Goggles
Riding Helmet Smoke Goggles in the group Riding Equipment / Riding Helmets / Riding Helmet Accessories at Equinest (1K60010026SM)


Riding Helmet Smoke Goggles

Sunglasses in smoke, low light transmission, for OneK riding helmets. Fits all newer models and attaches easily with strong magnets under the visor.Read more

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  • Sunglasses for OneK riding helmets. Suitable for all newer models and easily attached with strong magnets under the visor. It's easy to tell if your OneK helmet is prepared, as there is a rectangular rubber piece in front of the forehead, under the visor, which you remove, revealing two holes where the sunglasses can be easily inserted. The sunglasses are easy to tilt up and down, making them convenient to use in various weather conditions. They come in three different colors for different light conditions.

    Smoke - For the very brightest days, low light transmission

    Chrome - Medium light transmission, for sunny/partly cloudy days

    Yellow - High light transmission, for cloudy and darker days
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  • About the Brand
  • Helmet manufacturer OneK produces modern and comfortable helmets, always with a strong focus on safety. The helmets are tested in three ways to ensure they provide the best protection for the user: for direct impacts or collisions, impacts to the side, and even for objects that could potentially penetrate through ventilation or similar openings. The helmets are incredibly comfortable, and the size can be adjusted through a liner system, making it easy to change the size while also keeping the helmet clean and fresh.
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