Defender Pro Matte Chrome Pipe Navy
Defender Pro Matte Chrome Pipe Navy
Defender Pro Matte Chrome Pipe Navy in the group Riding Equipment / Riding Helmets / Standard Visor Riding Helmets at Equinest (1K20030001Ma_r)


Defender Pro Matte Chrome Pipe Navy

Elegant and secure, two words that aptly describe the OneK Defender Pro Matt Chrome Pipe Navy riding helmet. Matte, seamless surface along with chrome piping and matching logo. Liner included.Read more



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    Size Guide
    OneK, like most newer riding helmets, uses a liner system. This means that the helmet consists of two parts, an outer shell and an inner liner. Each shell covers a certain range of sizes, see table below, where sizes 51-54 fit in both the small and medium shells. We recommend medium for most, but younger children can advantageously use a small shell instead for a neater and more proportional fit.

    Riding helmets come in standard sizes, meaning the helmet size corresponds to your head size. To determine your size, simply measure the circumference of your head with a soft measuring tape, just above the eyebrows and ears. The measurement in centimeters is the helmet size you should choose. For example, if your head measures 59 cm in circumference, you should choose size 59 for your helmet. If you want to wear a hat or have your hair up under the helmet, you should add an additional 1 cm to the measurement.

    The inner liners also come in both round and oval options so you can customize the fit according to the shape of your head optimally. The majority of people in Sweden choose a round liner for their helmet since it usually fits best on our heads. Therefore, if you're unsure, it's safest to choose a round inner liner. If by chance it doesn't fit, we will help you change it to an oval one - completely free of charge.

    Note that XXXS, XXS, and XXL are only available as round liners. A liner is always included in the price when purchasing a helmet from Equinest, more are available to purchase separately if you have growing children or want to wash regularly and still be able to use the helmet every day.

    Head CircumferenceLiner SizeShell Size
  • About the Brand
  • Helmet manufacturer OneK produces modern and comfortable helmets, always with a strong focus on safety. The helmets are tested in three ways to ensure they provide the best protection for the user: for direct impacts or collisions, impacts to the side, and even for objects that could potentially penetrate through ventilation or similar openings. The helmets are incredibly comfortable, and the size can be adjusted through a liner system, making it easy to change the size while also keeping the helmet clean and fresh.
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