Fine Ground Rosehip Powder Organic
Fine Ground Rosehip Powder Organic
Fine Ground Rosehip Powder Organic in the group Supplements / Horse Supplements / Joints at Equinest (608099_r)

Back on Track

Fine Ground Rosehip Powder Organic

Finely ground rosehip powder made from 100% organic rosehips. Very rich in vitamin C and E, and is given primarily to horses with worn or heavily stressed joints - especially common in hard-working or older horses.Read more


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  • Fine ground rosehip powder from Back On Track, made from 100% organic rosehips of the Rosa Canina variety. Giving rosehips to active, competing, and older horses has been popular for a long time because it is a natural source rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, lycopene, beta-carotene, galactolipids, and flavonoids.

    Rosehip powder is mainly given to horses with worn or heavily stressed joints, which is particularly common in hardworking horses or older horses.

    The rosehips used in the production are unsprayed, organic, and wild rosehips that have been handpicked in Chile at high altitudes and then dried in an oven - preserving high quality and vitamin content. Much of the nutrition is in the shells, which is why Back on Track's rosehip products consist of 98% shells to maximize nutritional content.

    • Supports the horse's/dog's joints
    • Source of vitamin C, vitamin E, lycopene, beta-carotene, galactolipids, and flavonoids
    • Wild-grown rosehips for the highest quality
    • Oven-dried for maintained quality
    • No additives
    • 100% organic Rosa Canina
    • Fine ground
    • Certification SE-EKO-04

    Back On Track's rosehip powder is also available as coarse ground.

    Preferably soak the powder and administer it together with the horse's or dog's regular feed. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

    • Horses & ponies:
    • Standard dose (normal activity) - 5 g/100 kg
    • Intensive training or competition - 10 g/100 kg

    Faster results can be achieved by doubling the dose for one month. At a dose of 30g/day (standard dose for a 600kg horse), 900g will last for approximately 30 days, and 1500g will last for approximately 50 days.


    • Up to 15kg - 5ml/day
    • Between 15-30kg - 7.5ml/day
    • Dog over 30kg - 10ml/day

    (3g is equivalent to 5 ml = 1 teaspoon)

    Competitive Regulations

    • Competitions in Sweden and competitions under NEMAC - 0-hour withdrawal, no withdrawal period
      The NEMAC (Nordic Equine Medication and Anti-doping Committee) withdrawal list includes the Swedish Equestrian Federation (SvRF), Swedish Gallop (SG), Swedish Trotting (ST), and the Swedish Icelandic Horse Association (SIF), as well as the Norwegian Trotting Association (DNT), Norwegian Jockey Club (NJ), Danish Trotting Central Federation (DTC), and Danish Gallop (DG).
    • FEI - 0-hour withdrawal, no withdrawal period

    Rosehip shells 98%, rosehip kernels 2%

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  • Over the years, Back On Track has made a growing name for itself in the equestrian world and offers products that are beloved by both horses and dogs, as well as riders and people in general. Back On Track was founded in Sweden over 20 years ago and is renowned for its Welltex material, a ceramic textile that reflects body heat and increases blood circulation, which can alleviate pain and help relax muscle tension. They have also garnered particular attention for their MIPS helmets that protect against rotational falls in a way a regular helmet does not. The EQ models have won several tests and have been named the safest helmet on the market on multiple occasions.
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