Collagen 600 g
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Collagen 600 g

Collagen from Trikem, manufactured in Sweden. Collagen constitutes 25-30% of the body's protein and is a building material for tendons, skeleton, and ligaments.Read more

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  • Trikem's Collagen is for the regeneration and rebuilding of the horse's joints and ligaments. It consists of the following:

    • Collagen I - important for the formation of joint tissues, such as tendons, muscle attachments, and ligaments
    • Collagen II - part of the horse's formation of joint cartilage
    • Hyaluronic acid - provides better nutrition to the joint and maintains the lubricating function of the synovial fluid
    • Chondroitin - works in conjunction with collagen for better effectiveness
    • MSM - an important component in cell structure

    NOTE - 96-hour withdrawal period for competitions.


    • For effective maintenance of joint structure in competition horses
    • During the rehabilitation of horses with impaired joint function
    • After joint surgery during the rehabilitation process


    • 10 ml (5 g) per 100 kg of body weight (divided into 2 doses) for 10 days
    • Afterward, 5 ml (2.5 g) per 100 kg of horse per day

    Competition Withdrawal Period

    • 96-hour withdrawal period for competitions in Sweden and competitions under NEMAC regulations
    • FEI - no withdrawal period

    Storage & Shelf Life

    • Store in a dry, cool place and keep tightly sealed
    • Shelf life: 24 months. Check the expiration date
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  • About the Brand
  • Swedish-made animal care products for both horses and dogs have been produced since 1954 by Trikem. Trikem is synonymous with quality and exclusively works with carefully selected products and ingredients that meet the highest standards. A key factor in Trikem's success is their unwavering focus on knowledge at every stage of the process. From product development to customer consultation, they are continuously updated with the latest information. Trikem consistently aims to improve the well-being of animals, regardless of their performance level, and strives to bring out the best in each individual.
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