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Easily absorbable glucosamine to support joints during high training loads, for older horses with joint stiffness, or diagnosed with arthritis.Read more


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  • Glucosamine is naturally present in the body, for example in tendons, cartilage, and ligaments. The cartilage in joints wears down with increased strain and as horses age, which can lead to reduced joint mobility. Glucosamine sulfate, along with manganese, promotes both the formation and regeneration of cartilage.

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    • For horses under high training loads
    • Elderly horses with joint stiffness
    • In cases of diagnosed Arthritis

    • 6 ml (4 g) per 100 kg body weight per day, divided into 2 doses

    Storage & Shelf Life

    • Store in a dry, cool place, and seal tightly. Dispose of as plastic packaging
    • 24 months. Check the best before date
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  • Swedish-made animal care products for both horses and dogs, since 1954. Trikem stands for quality and only works with carefully selected products and raw materials of the highest quality. A crucial factor in Trikem's success is the focus on knowledge at every level. From the development of products to customer advice, they are constantly updated on the latest information. Trikem constantly strives for increased well-being, regardless of performance level, and always aims to bring out the best in every individual.
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