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Pure, Swedish-made magnesium supplement from Trikem. Given to horses with tense muscles, signs of stress, or in cases of illness, such as diarrhea. Can also be given when there is a deficiency of magnesium in the diet.Read more


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  • Trikem's magnesium is a high-quality horse feed supplement that is given to help the horse's muscles and nerves function properly. Magnesium is a mineral that horses cannot produce on their own, and it is a substance that horses must obtain through their diet or supplements.

    Magnesium deficiency can manifest as the horse appearing tense and nervous, but there is also a noticeable connection between stress and low magnesium levels. If the horse's muscles feel tense or easily become fatigued, these can also be signs of magnesium deficiency.

    Horses that are trained intensively, subjected to heavy workloads, or sweat a lot for any reason have an increased need for magnesium. Similarly, diarrhea increases the horse's magnesium requirement.

    Trikem's magnesium comes in a form that is easy to dose and has high absorbability in horses.

    Magnesium contributes to, among other things:

    • Electrolyte balance
    • Energy metabolism
    • Normal functioning of the nervous system
    • Normal psychological function
    • Normal protein synthesis

    Given to horses that:

    • Have magnesium deficiency in their diet
    • Show nervousness and have tense muscles
    • Lose significant amounts of magnesium through sweat or diarrhea


    2ml per 100kg body weight per day or as calculated in the feed plan.

    For example:

    • Horse weighing 500kg - 10ml (10g)/day

    At a dose of 10ml/day, 750g will last approximately 75 days, and 6kg will last approximately 600 days.

    Storage & Shelf Life

    • Store in a dark, cool place in a well-sealed container
    • Shelf life is 24 months, see best before date
    • The packaging is recycled as plastic

    Competition Withdrawal Time

    • Competition in Sweden and competitions under NEMAC - 0h withdrawal time, no withdrawal period
      NEMAC's (Nordic Equine Medication and Anti-doping Committee) withdrawal list includes the Swedish Equestrian Federation (SvRF), Swedish Trotting Association (SG), Swedish Galop (ST), Swedish Icelandic Horse Association (SIF), as well as the Norwegian Trotting Association (DNT), Norwegian Jockey Club (NJ), Danish Trotting Central Federation (DTC), and Danish Galop (DG).

    • FEI - 0h withdrawal time, no withdrawal period

    Contents (per kg)
    Magnesium 330 g, Sodium 39 g, Phosphorus 73 g. Composition: Magnesium phosphate hydrate, magnesium oxide, sodium chloride

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  • About the Brand
  • Swedish-made animal care products for both horses and dogs, since 1954. Trikem stands for quality and only works with carefully selected products and raw materials of the highest quality. A crucial factor in Trikem's success is the focus on knowledge at every level. From the development of products to customer advice, they are constantly updated on the latest information. Trikem constantly strives for increased well-being, regardless of performance level, and always aims to bring out the best in every individual.
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