Carbon Gel Vento Tendon Boots Brown
Carbon Gel Vento Tendon Boots Brown in the group Horse Tack / Leg Protection / Tendon Boots at Equinest (21020150_B_r)


Carbon Gel Vento Tendon Boots Brown

Carbon Gel Vento from Veredus in brown. Vento is Veredus' most advanced protection ever, combining comfort, protection, and ventilation in a way that no previous leg protection has achieved.Read more


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  • Information
  • The Rolls Royce model of Veredus' classic Carbon Gel series, Vento, comes with innovative ventilation. The interior features a so-called 3D mesh that allows the heat generated by the horse's legs to pass through the innermost and middle layers and be distributed within the 3D mesh. Thanks to a unique adaptation to the horse's movement, cool air is drawn in through the lower ventilation hole and gradually pushes the heat away from the horse's legs through the 3D mesh and out through the upper ventilation.

    In addition to this, the horse's tendons are protected by the carbon fiber-reinforced shank, and falls are excellently absorbed by the underlying gel. Carbon Gel Vento is slightly more streamlined than, for example, the Olympus series, providing a light sporty appearance and incredibly high comfort for the horse.

    Advantages of Veredus Carbon Gel Vento Brown:

    - Innovative ventilation keeps the leg cool
    - Unique 3D mesh that dissipates moisture and hot air
    - Carbon fiber-reinforced for unparalleled tendon protection
    - Gel that cushions shocks and impacts to the fetlock
    - Slimmed protection with a sporty appearance
    - Available for the hind legs as regular hind boots and young horse boots

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    Size Guide
    Use a soft measuring tape to measure the circumference of your horse's legs. Measurements are taken as shown in the image below, in the middle of the shinbone.

    SizeFront Leg (cm)
    Back Leg (cm)
    Small17-19 cm19.5-21.5 cm
    Medium19.5-22 cm22-24 cm
    Large22.5-24 cm24.5-26 cm

  • About the Brand
  • The foundation of Veredus' success largely lies in meticulous attention to raw materials, the use of the latest and most advanced techniques, and an almost compulsive focus on every little detail. All of this has made Veredus a market leader in the field of leg protection. Every product undergoes a thorough testing phase before being approved, ensuring that riders can be confident that each piece of protection leaving the Veredus factory has been rigorously tested to function optimally with minimal impact on the horse.
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